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Ladera Notary Services

Your Home, Your Office or Your Favorite Cafe
What Identification will you need?
  • Current or Issued in Last 5 Years:
    • ID Card from CA DMV
    • Driver's License from CA DMV
    • U.S. Passport
  • OR: Other Identification Current or  Issued in Last 5 Years with all items:  PLEASE CHECK with me first if you will be using one of these forms.
    • Photo of Person Named
    • Description of Person Named
    • Signed by Person Named
    • Serial or ID Number
    • May be:
      • Foreign Passport stamped by U.S. Immigration & Naturalization
      • Driver's License: Out of State
      • Driver's License: Canada or Mexico
      • ID Card issued by another state
      • U.S. Military ID Card
      • Inmate ID by Department of Corrections